Top reasons why companies lose great employees unexpectedly

Your employees are the most valuable asset that you have, never forget this.

Probably one of the biggest upsets that a manager can have is when their most trusted and dependable employee puts in their 2 week notice. There’s so much investment that companies have to make in their employees from recruiting, developing, training, and regular coaching for them to grow in the role that you want to make sure you are treating your team the right way.

No matter how smart or qualified the employee, every company has some form of a standard, policy, or procedure that everyone must be trained on. Time is the most valuable asset that all of us have. Wasted man hours are a huge loss for companies.

Efficiency and effectiveness are the keys of a well oiled machine within a team environment. Sometimes we can understand why somebody would want to leave their position. Many people have personal issues with family, medical issues, or possibly a personal goal to achieve such as education but what about the rest? What about the people who excel every single day at their job? What about the people who come to work early and leave late and smile all day long while doing it? Why do we lose these types of employees? The ones who grow our company and genuinely invest their life into the mission of the company?

Here are a few aspects of a career that you must remember when communicating to your team.

  1. Purpose

In today’s technological society, with information with the swipe of a smart phone, anyone can research different types of careers. We can instantly research “the day in the life of name your career”. You can never allow your team to forget the purpose of the mission there on that you have assigned them even though they may find a different type of job more fulfilling. Today’s culture is very purpose driven. If you tell a college graduate that they have to work for a few months in the mailroom or some humble position, you are not going to keep them on the payroll for long.

Why do you think this is? Because most people don’t understand the value or the purpose of why they’re doing what they’re doing. Whether you like it or not, you must be able to continually remind your team the purpose of their function with in the team and how this is building value in the overall mission of the organisation. We all know the saying, “to keep your eyes on the prize”. Once your team takes their eyes off the prize, which is purpose of what they’re doing every day, it will only go downhill from there.

  1. Not Feeling Valued

We all know that if you treat employees like a number, they are not going to perform at their peak. If we as companies and managers already know this why do we fall in this trap so easily? I have heard a saying growing up that said, “beat the horse that pulls the hardest”. The idea is that since it is hard enough to find good employees, once you do find a committed employee, load up the hardest worker with the most amount of work.

It has even happened to me. One day you go to work and perform at your peak and exceed your manager’s expectations. You go home with job satisfaction and with a sense of pride. The next day they load you up with double and when you are unable to achieve their deadline, you are in hot water.

This makes absolutely no sense but companies fall into it way too easily. Make sure that you communicate to your team that you do value them and you do not mean to abuse them. Set high goals for them to achieve however make them realistic. If only a small percentage of your staff are hitting their quota then be honest with yourself and reevaluate the business plan and employee performance plans. Without your employees, you can’t have customers anyways.

  1. Setting Proper Expectations

There is really nothing worse than an employee to feel as if they are exceeding the company’s expectations on their performance only to sit down in a conference room with their management team to have a poor review. I love the saying that says “what we have here is a failure to communicate”. The only way an employee could be so caught off guard with expectations being different from the managers is a lack of communication. I think many of us can think of several people in our careers that we have seen come into our jobs and be a 3 month hit but only until the communication barrier starts to break down between managers and their expectations.

There are many great employees that build value in the company that choose to start looking elsewhere all because proper expectations are not consistently set for their performance reviews. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure proper communication of expectations to all employees.

Employees in today’s economy are probably not going to have the old mindset of a 40 year career with the same company. Those days are long gone. With a competitive market structure, the best way to recruit talent is not to train them but to poach them from your competitor.

However, if you continually remind your team their purpose, value within the organisation and you communicate with proper expectations of performance, there should be a lower chance at your competitors poaching your staff. If you treat your employees the way you would want to be treated, you will find that turnover should not be that much of a burden to your organisation.