How much should your SEO budget be?

If you are a business owner you may be wondering how much money should be budgeted each month for an SEO firm to get your website visible online which could lead to better traffic number and increased sales numbers. Giving a direct answer to that question is not an exact science and will involve you to take into account several key factors.

How much should your SEO budget be?

In no particular order, here are some things to consider when determining a budget for search engine optimization. Get a baseline figure to see where your website currently ranks when it comes to popular search engines. SEO companies want to help your website increase in integrity with an online reputation that will allow it to grow as a business that search engines like Google and Yahoo will recognize as relevant and ideal when people search for your specific products or services you are selling.

Getting to the first page of search engines like Google or Yahoo is not going to be simple for any SEO company, especially if you are nowhere near that position now. There is going to be a lot of work involved in this process, and SEO firms are going to have to charge you accordingly for each specific situation. No one company is going to be alike in this aspect, therefore you are going to have to take into account just how much campaigning you have done for your business already.

If you are a well-established online business then you may not have to spend as much money on things like product launching, reviewing of web content designing and social media book markings. If however, you are a relatively new online company than you will have to take into account that all these things must be done in order to get your website established and recognized and this is going to take a steeper budget because a reputable SEO firm will want to build a solid foundation for your company using the best marketing tools available.

Another thing to take into account when setting your SEO budget is going to be what goals you have for your company in the future. Planning for a budget ahead of time is very important to a company’s success, especially for online businesses. You want to keep in mind that you are going to be investing in your business’ future, so the money you are working with will have to be used wisely. You don’t want to invest in a long-term project if you are demanding immediate results.

If you are already established you may want to set your monthly budget around 3-5% of your total company revenue. You can also consult with an SEO firm and see what options they have available for you to try on a trial basis so that you can see some results in a short period of time.

To wrap it all, it’s prudent to keep in mind when you are planning your SEO budget for your business’ online website that this is probably going to be a monthly expense. It is one thing to get recognition and gain ground on your competition during the first couple of months of your SEO campaign. It is, however, going to be a different story for you to maintain your overall success over a long period of time. In order to get that steady top ten ranking for your website on the most common search engines around you will need to continue to improve the content, information, and product updates on your website.

How to work out what to spend on your Adwords campaign

It takes courage and proper analytical skills to manage an Adwords account. However, the most difficult task is budgeting. This is where you have to work out on what to spend on your Adwords campaign. Even experienced Adwords managers find this task hectic since every business would like to operate within a certain budget. It’s obvious that you will anxious whether you will get enough returns from the money that you invest in the campaign. This article will give you proper guidance on how to create an ideal budget for your Adwords campaign.

Know how an Adwords campaign will fit into your marketing strategy

It is not just a matter of entering your credit card details and activating the campaign. You need to know how Adwords campaign will fit into your existing marketing strategy. For instance, if you are already doing well on local SEO, you may decide to focus on spending more on display network and cut down on the amount that you put on the search advertising. This is because, with good organic rankings, your target customers will end up on your page without clicking on an ad. Your social media marketing performance can also help to determine the amount to spend on Adwords.

Start with a test budget

If you are going to run your first Adwords campaign, it is prudent that you start with a test budget. This is because you are literally in the dark whereby you don’t know what will work and what will fail. The test will give you an insight on what to expect from your campaign, the keywords that will convert, those that will fail and how your target market will react. Since the test is carried out on a tight budget, you will not be stressed by the expenditure and from its results, you will pick out factors that worked and drop those that didn’t work.

Know the amount of money spent by your competitors

You don’t have to use a spy to know the amount of money that your competitors are investing on Adwords. You can achieve this goal will the help of various tools such as Keyword Planner. Try to look for the keywords that they use then research on the amount that you will pay to use those keywords. From this data, you will be in a good position to figure out the budget that you will need to outdo your competitors.

Focus on return on investment(ROI) rather than cost

Putting too much attention on the cost may deprive you the benefits that come with running a successful campaign. As much as you would want to manage your costs, you should also focus on the amount that you stand to gain. If spending more will bring more returns, why should you limit yourself? Although the cost per click (CPC) plays a critical role in budgeting, you should put more attention to earnings per click(EPC).

Know KPIs that are important to your business

What are the goals of your Adwords campaign? Do you want to create more awareness about your business or do you want to increase the number of sales? Knowing the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a campaign can help you to plan your budget well.

Using these tips, you will be able to create a proper budget and run a successful Adwords campaign. Remember to be flexible by implementing necessary changes as you progress.

What are the most competitive industries in the world for PPC?

Paid Per Click, which is abbreviated as PPC, is a method of online marketing. The marketers are required to pay once their advertisement is clicked. The search engine advertising which gives the marketers a chance to place their advertisement in the sponsored links is one of the most popular forms of PPC. When someone tries to search for a word that is related to the business offering being marketed, the advertisement appears at the top of the page. Once they visit the site, the marketers are required to pay a small fee to the search engine. This fee may be negligible if the PPC is working properly because the profits they reap are large.

Many industries over the years have continued to adopt PPC as their main method of advertising. However, the most competitive in the market include the following;

1. Finance and insurance industry

Products offered by this industry may be difficult to understand sometimes and the consumer may need a little more explanation. The use of PPC helps to give the consumer the ability to compare the many products offered and make an informed choice. This industry, therefore, depends on a lot of the ads posted in the search engine.

2. Retailers

PPC is very convenient when they want to bring in a new product into the market. With the PPC they are able to see the number of people interested in the product. Depending on the size of the potential market, they are able to determine whether it will be a profitable venture. By using PPC they are able to keep track of their spending because they are only required to pay for only interested customers who may end up purchasing their products.

3. Tourism industry

Many tourists and travelers look up the attractive sites in or near the place they are. By typing in the words like “attractive spots near me”, then google finds ads related to that and the tourists select whichever they feel is best. Use of the Paid Per Click advertising, you will be able to reach the tourists and travelers and have them visit your facility.

4. Education industry

It is mostly used in higher education facilities like universities and colleges. Students before making up their minds on which institution they are willing to pursue the careers of their choice, spend many days on the internet. They look up their desired courses and the institutions that offer them and depending on their terms of fees payment, education qualifications required for admission, the students are able to finally make a decision. Many institutions have adopted this method of advertising but there are also many others that have not taken advantage of it yet.
Many of the industries that use and require PTC are those that require huge investments in marketing. The amount you are required to pay to the search engine varies from one industry to another, and so do the profits earned. If you are in an industry that required a lot of marketing, then you should consider using PPC because you only pay to advertise to only the interested people. It does not require a lot of time and the profits are huge.

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